Machine park

High-tech equipment

Our machine park makes us one of Europe’s most powerful recycling companies for rubber, scrap tyres and conveyor belts. We are particularly proud of our shredder system and our powerful shears for cutting conveyor belts.

Our shredder system:

  • 150,000 Nm of torque
  • Dual-shaft rotor shears
  • Sieving system with grain return for the production of shreds with all of the required sizes and specifications
  • Processing of large tyres such as tractor, industrial and earth-moving equipment tyres

Our shears, unique in Europe

We are in a position to cut belts and mats up to 2.5 m wide and 4.4 cm thick with our shears. This is made possible by the special design: Two shears operating one behind the other cut the heavy material – one across the steel reinforcement and the second shear parallel to the reinforcement. This design has been specially manufactured for AGWR in Germany, and is unique in Europe to the best of our knowledge.

These special shears put us in a position to cut high-strength conveyor belts with cutting force of more than 200 tonnes, and therefore prepare them for recycling for different purposes.

AGWR für die Zukunft

AGWR for the future!

We don’t just think about the environment in our core business, but we also stand for sustainable and innovative economic management. Whereas other just talk about it, we get to grips with things and implement them. Find out more about our company philosophy.

Other machinery at AGWR

30-tonne Sennebogen material handler for handling mats and belts

Case excavator with scrap shears

Volvo fork lift truck with a load-bearing capacity of 25 tonnes for handing 20-tonne conveyor belt rolls