We are sustainable!

As a family-run recycling company, sustainability is our business model. Our goal is to recycle rubber in a way that protects the environment to the maximum extent. The basis for this is the Circular Economy Act, which is officially known as the “Act to Promote Circular Economy and Safeguard the Environmentally Compatible Management of Waste”.

Rubber consists of synthetic rubber and also natural rubber, a natural resource which we believe should be used for the maximum possible time. If possible, we take the scrap rubber – regardless of whether it is consists of scrap tyres, conveyor belts or waste rubber – for recycling. If this is not possible, we shred the material and collaborate with partners to turn it into rubber granulate or rubber powder, which is used as a secondary raw material for the production of new, high-quality products. Another part is used as an efficient substitute fuel in cement factories, for example.

We dispose in accordance with the Circular Economy Act:


At AGWR, the re-use of tyres by remoulding, for example.

Material recycling

At AGWR by producing secondary raw material, for example.

Thermal recycling

At AGWR by using the material as a substitute fuel in industry, for example.

AGWR für die Zukunft

AGWR for the future!

We don’t just think about the environment in our core business, but we also stand for sustainable and innovative economic management. Whereas other just talk about it, we get to grips with things and implement them. Find out more about our company philosophy.

We act with awareness

We are aware of our responsibility, and therefore always act in a way that is both environmentally friendly and sustainable. As far as we are concerned, this also means that our entire company premises must be excellently equipped.

Company premises

Our entire company premises are completely sealed off and equipped with separators for oil and sludge, meaning that no substances which are harmful to the environment can get into nature.

Energy recovery

Our company premises are equipped with photovoltaic systems, meaning that we generate most of our power from regenerative energy sources. Our state-of-the-art photovoltaic system even generates more power than we need, meaning that we also feed in the solar energy that is generated.

Photovoltaic system

In Lissendorf we have another photovoltaic system on a ground-mounted system with 3 Megawatts (3,000KW).

Drainage system

Our central drainage system with retention tanks which also have oil and sludge separators can be sealed off in the event of a fire. This means that no contaminated waste water can get into the public sewer system, the river Kyll or the groundwater in the event of a problem.


We are member of ZARE (Initiative zertifizierter Altreifenentsorger im Bundesverband Reifenhandel und Vulkaniseurhandwerk - initiative of certified waste tyre disposal companies in the Federal Association of Tyre Trade and Vulcanization Handicrafts), which is also the guarantee of responsible handling of all materials that are entrusted to us.

AGWR is more than a specialist disposal company – it is approved in accordance with BImSchG (Federal Control of Pollution Act)

We have official approval in accordance with the 4th BImSchG (fourth ordinance for the implementation of the Federal Control of Pollution Act) and both our systems and our processes are officially checked at regular intervals.

AGWR acts responsibly for its employees – health and occupational protection

The health of our employees is close to our heart. For this reason, our company is equipped with machines that make work easier so that our employees are subjected to as little physical strain as possible. Our endeavours in the areas of occupation and health protection in accordance with the BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard have been certified by Dekra.


The performance capability of AGWR as an innovative recycling company makes us one of Europe’s finest! We are proud of the partnership-like cooperation with our customers and the success of our company.

Hubert Vietoris
CEO and owner