Sales of used tyres, special items and rubber mats

We are a specialist wholesaler of used tyres, special items (new tyres and old DOTs) and rubber mats, and deliver to our customers worldwide.
Put your faith in our decades of experience in dealing with customs formalities and global logistics, and send us your enquiry.

As one of Germany’s biggest disposers of used tyres, many customers put their trust in us and dispose of their scrap rubber with us. This is why we have more than 100,000 tyres of all sizes and qualities in stock at any given time. These include used car tyres, commercial vehicle tyres and earth-moving equipment tyres. All of the used tyres that we receive are visually inspected and then assigned to appropriate quality classes.

You can be sure of one thing: we will only supply you with good used tyres, tested if required, and at a fair price.
Depending on availability we can also provide you with special items (new tyres and tyres with an old DOT). Send us your tyre requirements – we would be pleased to send you an individual quote.

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Sale of used rubber mats

As well as our extensive range of used tyres we can also supply you with used rubber mats. We cut these to size from good quality conveyor belts and transport belts. Just tell us what size you require – we would be pleased to send you a quote.
Our rubber mats are excellent for use in agriculture, for stables, as explosion protection, for silage heaps, on shooting stands or as race track protection.