Disposal of transport belts / conveyor belts

Recycling of transport belts

We are one of the few recyclers in the whole of Europe who is able to professionally prepare and recycle transport belts and conveyor belts of any size. Our modern and innovative machine park allows us to recycle your used transport belts or conveyor belts in a multitude of ways.

Only a few recycling companies in Europe are able to sustainably recycle large transport belts. At our company headquarters in Jünkerath we have a modern machine park with a powerful belt cutting system and an efficient shredding system.

We use this machinery to get the most out of your transport belts and conveyor belts.

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From conveyor belt to rubber mat

Wherever possible we recycle the scrap transport belts and conveyor belts as rubber mats for a wide range of requirements.

The belts are cut to size and used in stables, as explosion protection, for silage heaps, in agriculture and forestry, on shooting stands or as race track protection. They are also used as emergency roads for wind farms if an access road is required at short notice.

In forestry and agriculture, the rubber mats are used as protection for the storage of wood or fodder.

This is how conveyor belts are recycled

There are two possible recycling methods for conveyor belts: provided that the belts are in good technical condition, they are reprocessed and cut to size so that they can be used as rubber mats.

With our modern machine park, we are in a position to cut conveyor belts up to 2.5 metres wide and 4 cm thick. There are few providers who can match this performance.

If this re-use is not possible, the conveyor belts are recycled in their entirety. Specifically, this means that the material is first cut up using our cutting shears and then shredded into pieces measuring 10 x 10 cm in the shredding system.

The metal and the rubber are separated in a mechanical procedure using granulators and separated using electromagnetic sieves. The rubber is then recycled, and the reinforcing textile and steel strips are removed from the belt and recycled.

Make use of the know-how and experience of AGWR in the area of conveyor belt recycling and rely on sustainable and competent disposal of your conveyor belts.

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