Responsible, innovative and dependable

As an owner-run family company, we are aware of our responsibility to our customers, our employees and the environment. All of our actions are based on three basic keystones:

Responsibility awareness

We have been operating on the market for more than twenty years. Our goal is to successfully collaborate with our companies and also our employees, partners and customers now and in the future.

We think and act with an eye on the long term, and are aware of our responsibility to employees, partners and customers.

During the course of our activities in the recycling area, we endeavour to keep the effects on nature to a minimum on a daily basis. We only have one planet, and we must pursue the best possible solutions and innovative approaches in order to protect it for our children and our grandchildren.

AGWR für die Zukunft

AGWR for the future!

We don’t just think about the environment in our core business, but we also stand for sustainable and innovative economic management. Whereas other just talk about it, we get to grips with things and implement them. Find out more about our company philosophy.


The status quo is never perfect as far as our company are concerned – we put our heart and soul into finding new and better solutions. For our customers and for the environment.

The executive partner and founder of AGWR Hubert Vietoris is involved in innovative recycling methods in many different areas and collaborates with specialists to develop new possibilities.

His daughter Carmen Vietoris dealt with the innovative rubber asphalt product in her diploma thesis back in 2002: “The use of rubber granulate in road construction from an ecological and economic viewpoint.”


The entire company and all of its processes are designed in accordance with sustainability criteria to the maximum possible extent..

Hubert Vietoris and AGWR are also committed to sustainability outside of operative business operations.

Hubert Vietoris has invested in a real project for the future with the “Alte Molkerei” (Old Dairy) industrial park in Hillesheim. The entire building is powered using solar energy from our own photovoltaic system – most of which is on the roof, but some of which can be found on parts of the façade of the building. Hubert Vietoris rents storage, production, office and selling space to regional companies in the old dairy.