Scrap cable recycling

Scrap cable recycling

Cables consist of different materials and a plastic sheath, and therefore need to be professionally recycled. Scrap cables can also contain pollutants which have to be taken into consideration accordingly when the material is recycled.

We specialise in the disposal and recycling of scrap cables and will produce an individual quote for you in accordance with your requirements.
Our systems and processes fulfil the requirements of the BImSchG, meaning that we also have the authorisation to dispose of scrap cables with an appropriate waste code number.

Request a disposal quote for scrap cables now.

Let us know the quantity of cable that you would like to recycle (with or without connectors). We will make you an individual and attractive quote as quickly as possible.

Cable recycling

During cable recycling, the different components of the cable are first professionally separated. This usually includes the conductor (copper or aluminium) and the sheath, i.e. the insulating material of the cable (PVC, PE etc.). Copper is a valuable raw material , which is taken for further use when cable recycling takes place. Other constituents may also be able to be used for other purposes.

You can be sure of one thing: all constituents for which it is meaningful and economical are re-used. Only the small proportion of your scrap cables which cannot be taken for meaningful re-use is professionally disposed of.

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We would be pleased to recycle all of your scrap cables, with or without connectors. When you send your enquiry, please let us know what type of scrap cable you wish to dispose of, and we will produce an individual quote for you in accordance with your requirements.

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